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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Gray Paint for Your Interior

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Gray Paint for Your Interior

Gray is one of the must-have colors on the paint trend radar right now, and we’re seeing it everywhere from kitchens to bedrooms. While we love gray as a versatile hue for interior painting in Naperville, IL, we also know it can be difficult to choose one when there are seemingly millions of shades available. Consider these four tips to pin down your perfect gray.

  1. Consider Cool vs. Warm Tones

There is an entire spectrum of gray colors, and that is because many of them boil down to muted shades of blues, purples, beiges, and other hues. On one end of the spectrum are the cooler grays, and on the other are the warmer grays. Cooler hues have the tendency to look more like colors, while warmer appear more neutral. Consider which type of effect you’re going for to start guiding your decision.

  1. The Silver Touch3D Rendering of Modern Grey and White Living Room with Floor Lam

If you want to create a totally ethereal and chic look, use light gray to channel a bright silver sheen. Lighter hues tend to look luminous, especially when combined with vibrant white. Your space will be serene, enchanting, and right on trend.

  1. Getting Cheery

Do you love a good pop of color? Yellow and gray are a match made in painting heaven. Talk to your Naperville, IL painters about selecting a soft, medium shade of gray. It can dip into the blue, as this complements yellow too. Whatever you go with, you will be channeling a sunny, cheery effect.

  1. Embrace “Greige”

Trends come and go, as any reputable painting company in St. Charles, IL will tell you, but a great neutral lasts forever. If you just can’t choose between beige and gray, do both. “Greige” is one of the hottest colors in paint right now, because the hue combines the best of both worlds and is warm, cozy, and inviting.

Talk to your local painters about finding the right shade of gray for your home.

The Importance of Prep Work Before Painting

The Importance of Prep Work Before Painting

Even though your Naperville, IL painters are just as eager as you are to start throwing on the first layers of a fresh, new shade, there are still several important steps to take beforehand to ensure things go smoothly well beyond application. With the proper prep work, your paint will last for years to come.… Continue Reading