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How to Choose the Best Paint Color for Your Exterior

With more colors and styles to choose from than ever before for exterior painting in St. Charles, IL, how can you hone in on the perfect hue for your home? Whether you prefer the subtle elegance of neutrals or want to go bold with color, there are a few easy tricks and tips for figuring out your next choice in paint. Here are a few suggestions.

Consider Your Maintenance Threshold

Naperville, IL, painters always recommending taking into account your individual threshold for maintenance. Lighter colors like white and beige, for example, are more prone to showing wear over the years. If you want your exterior to keep looking its best, you’ll have to be ready to administer touch-ups. If you would like to scale back on maintenance, consider a medium hue or gray of any shade for lasting coverage with minimal effort.

Evaluate Future Updates

That bright yellow may look inviting now, but will you still love it in five years? Worse, will it clash with those new windows you just installed? When it comes to exterior paint, always consider any future updates you’ll make to the rest of your house. If you plan to make upgrades or simply be flexible with color, it’s better to invest in a neutral paint. This ensures the color will pair will all future additions.

Embrace Your Personal Style

The best tip your painting contractors in Wheaton, IL, can give you is, of course, to have fun with your personal style! If you love a bold look, embrace those rich colors on your home’s exterior. If you prefer a classic look, go for something subtler with a modern edge. If you have no idea how to incorporate your personal style into your exterior paint, your contractors will be happy to help.

These are just some of the best ways to choose your next exterior paint color.

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