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Why You Should Make Repairs Before Painting Your House

When it comes to exterior painting in St. Charles, IL, many homeowners wonder if their houses need to be in perfect shape prior to the project. While very small flaws may not affect the final result, there are many cases when it is beneficial to make repairs prior to painting. Here are some of the best reasons to fix your exterior before embarking on a painting project.

You Can Avoid the Unnecessary Cost of Repainting

If you know you have a flaw on your exterior or have noticed pieces of wood siding starting to deteriorate, it may be well worth the cost to repair them before you paint over them. When house painting in Naperville, IL, covers up loose pieces or is applied on top of several damaged materials, for example, you can expect to continue repainting until the original problems are fixed. The second a small crack on siding turns into a big split, you know you will have to repaint. It’s better to avoid the scenario altogether by making repairs first.

You Can Prevent Damage to Exterior Paint

A fresh layer of paint is a great investment, so why waste it by setting it up to encounter damage? The condition of the material being painted over can drastically impact the final result, so it’s better to thwart potential damage to new paint before it becomes a problem. If you want your paint to last, make sure the materials underneath are in their best shape.

You Can Get Perfect Results the First Time

There’s no need to throw money down the drain; making repairs on your house beforehand keeps things easy for your painting contractors in Wheaton, IL. You can ensure you get the project right the first time by correcting problems with your exterior and then making the result look beautiful with new paint.

For these reasons and more, it pays to repair first and then paint.

Popular Interior Paint Design Trends in 2016

Part of the joy of providing home painting in Naperville, IL, is keeping up with all of the great trends in interior design. We’re not just talking about popular colors, but also trends in patterns. 2016 is already looking bolder and more chic than ever. Take from our painters and put these trends to work… Continue Reading