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3 Things That Ruin Interior Paint

Most homeowners expect to maintain their exterior house paint, but what about interior painting in Naperville, IL? While most interior paint is designed to last for many years to come, there are a few threats that can significantly shorten its lifespan. Here are three of the biggest contributors to paint fading and how you can combat them.


1. Using the Wrong Paint for the Wrong Room


Did you know that certain paint works better in certain rooms? It’s true! Kitchens and bathrooms, for example, can benefit from glossier painting in Downers Grove, IL. Matte finishes tend to fade the longer they are exposed to dirt and moisture, which can be constant in the kitchen or bathroom. As a bonus, glossy paint is also better at hiding stains. Although you may love the idea of brilliant white matte, you may not love it as much when your bathroom starts to look dingy. 


2. Excessive Sunlight


Even the toughest paint on the market is no match for harmful UV rays over time. Sunlight is one of the leading causes of fading on paint, and the effect can be made worse by single-pane and older windows. If you know the room you are painting will be getting a lot of sun, consider going with a color that doesn’t show it. Lighter hues tend to be better options, as they limit contrast.


3. Not Prepping Before Painting


Lastly, be sure your Naperville, IL, painters will be prepping walls and surfaces before applying the first layer. Small imperfections like splinters can drastically limit the life of paint, so it is best to eliminate them beforehand with prep work. If using primer, be sure to let it dry completely before applying color.


With these simple tips and a little awareness of what causes fading, you can promote the longevity of interior house paint for many years.

Protecting Paint After a Storm

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