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How to Make Your Exterior Paint Last

Your exterior painting in St. Charles, IL, is a beautiful investment. Fortunately, for the savvy homeowner, there are several great ways to make that investment last. From working with a trusted, skilled contractor to undertaking the important task of prep work, there are a few tactics that go a long way toward maximizing paint life. Here are three of the best options.


Hire Professionals


Using professional home painter services is one of the easiest ways to guarantee you’re getting a quality job. The better the application of house paint, the longer it will last. Your painters will also have access to top materials that can make the project a breeze, giving you an excellent result that stands up to years of sun, rain, hail, and snow.


Do the Prep Work


Never underestimate the importance of prep work! This is especially true on the exterior. While your contractors can take on simple tasks like sanding down a rough spot, removing caulk, and adding primer, any major repairs should be completed before starting on painting. Loose or broken siding boards do little to promote paint life. If it has been a while since you had an exterior inspection, schedule one with your general contractor before contacting your painters. By fixing problems now, you avoid the unnecessary cost of painting twice.


Prevent Water Damage


One thing you can do on your own to protect house painting in St. Charles is to do your best to prevent water damage, as this is one of the biggest threats to paint life. Gutters are some of the biggest culprits. If they are clogged by debris or ice, the incoming water ends up drenching your home siding and paint. Clear your gutters regularly and get rid of ice dams as soon as possible to avoid needless damage.


These are just some of the best ways to make your house paint last.

The Best Paint to Use in the Kitchen

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