3 Lovely Exterior Color Combos You Should Try

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your home’s exterior is to repaint your house in an inviting color palette. The key is to find a color scheme that makes your home pop out of the background, without looking out of place in your neighborhood. Those Painting Guys is the most trusted painting company in St. Charles, IL, and they’re here to discuss some exterior color combos that will add a tasteful flair to your home.

  1. Calming Blue + Gray + White. Some homeowners think gray is a dull option for exterior paint—but not when you pair it with white and slate blue. These colors evoke a sense of calm that can highlight some of your home’s best features. Use slate blue for your entry door, which you can then accentuate with glossy white trim. If you own a mid-century to modern home, this color combination will give it a fresh and clean look. The pearly grayness of the body adds a quiet solidity to your home while providing a sleek silhouette.
  2. Vibrant Tangerine + Aquamarine + White. If you want to add a unique touch to your home with exterior painting in St. Charles, IL, consider using bolder tones, like tangerine. Use white for the body—its smooth and pristine look goes with anything and will provide a refreshing contrast to bolder colors. Apply a neutral hue like aquamarine to your home’s trim and shutters. This will highlight the clean whiteness of the body. Finally, a vibrant splash of tangerine for your front door adds a chic, modern twist to your traditional home’s overall look.
  3. Creamy Butter Yellow + White + Black. Incorporating warm yellow, white, and a contrasting black into the exterior will give your home a crisp, stylish aesthetic. Choose buttery yellow for the body and trim your windows and doors with creamy white. This makes for a warmer, more inviting home. This combo works best if you have a dark-colored roof, like black shingles, which will set off these warm tones and make the home leap out charmingly from the landscape.

Those Painting Guys isn’t just an expert in interior painting in Naperville, IL. They can also enhance your home’s appearance in the best way with their quality exterior painting services. They can stain or paint just about any material or surface, including aluminum, wood, or cedar, and they only use top-tier paints from Sherwin-Williams, ensuring attractive and longer-lasting colors for your home’s exterior.

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