Customer Care

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Here’s how we work, start to finish…

Because we want to give you a great job at a great price, our procedures focus on a high degree of professionalism, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

We will confirm your start date:

We will confirm your start date by phone, usually the night before. At that time, we can discuss any additional concerns or questions you may have.

We recommend high-quality products:

We recommend top-of-the-line Sherwin-Williams products enthusiastically. We prefer to use only their highest quality paints and stains in order to provide a meaningful warranty on product and labor.

We clean up daily:

If the job lasts more than one day, the crew will clean up at the end of each day.

We maintain professional standards:

We hold our painters to a high standard. We do not allow loud music, offensive language, or unprofessional behavior. If you or your neighbors, are disturbed or offended at any time by some action of the crew, please call our office, and we will immediately attend to it. 

We confirm your completion:

When we have completed the job, the crew foreman and/or a quality control foreman will inspect the finished work with you to assure your job has been satisfactorily completed. Please specify any area of concern or dissatisfaction, and these items will be addressed. Once all is completed, please sign the customer completion statement. We urge our clients not to sign this document until all work has been completed per the contract or exceptions noted.

We ask for payment when we are finished:

When you contract with Those Painting Guys for your painting project, we ask for a deposit to cover the cost of the materials that will be needed for your job. We do not ask for any sort of deposit on the labor. When the job is finished, and a customer completion statement has been filled out and signed by you, we will expect payment for our labor in the amount specified on your contract. Your two-year warranty becomes effective when the completion statement is signed and full payment is received. One copy of your completion statement, which contains the warranty, will be left with you. The other will be filed with our office.

We value our customers. We stand by our work. We ask one thing from you…

Though we strive to be perfect, we don’t always get there, but we make every effort to ensure that customers have been served well by doing business with us. We understand that it’s possible for customers to post complaints on “bulletin board” complaint websites, but that’s not the best way to get your concerns resolved. So this is what we ask:

If you loved our work, please tell your friends and family, and feel free to rave about us on any or all of the bulletin board sites. If, however, you have a question or concern about your job or our painting crew for any reason, please contact us first, as quickly as possible. We are the only source who can and will address it for you, and we want to do just that.