More Than Sheer Aesthetics: Benefits of Exterior Painting

Did you know that repainting your exterior brings more benefits than improved aesthetic appeal? Here’s a look at the advantages:

1. Extended Siding Longevity

Though siding generally lasts a good half-century, constant exposure to the elements can speed up the degradation process. You can delay the effects of wear and tear by giving your siding an added coat of protection through exterior painting.

2. Added Protection

Untreated siding is vulnerable to pests. Painting over your exterior helps prevent costly problems like termite infestations. In addition, painting over your exterior also serves to protects your home from the ill effects of extreme temperatures.

3. Fortified Structural Integrity

Experienced painting contractors know that there’s more to exterior paint than mere aesthetic value. Without regular repainting, your home’s exterior will be susceptible to water damage that can lead to swelling, softening, and speedy decay.

4. Safety From Splinters

The problem of splinters is a reality you have to live with when you work with wood. Thankfully, you can permanently seal wooden surfaces with ample and thorough painting jobs. It may be a minor type of protection, but it’s protection nonetheless.

5. Increased Curb Appeal

Lastly, painting your home’s exteriors simply makes it look better. Painting over your siding gives your home a fresh look that makes it look as good as new. As a result, your home gets a significant boost in terms of curb appeal.

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