4 Beautiful Exterior Color Combinations for Your Home

As one of the leading painting contractors in our area, Those Painting Guys has experience working with a wide range of architectural styles. We can help you choose color combinations that work well with your home’s unique style, while also complementing the general aesthetic of the neighborhood.

Here are some of our favorite combinations:

  1. Salmon, Jade, and Rusty Brown: Salmon is a great primary color for homes with a rough exterior surface. This causes the color to appear as varying light and dark shades, creating a time-weathered look that complements traditional architecture. You can use jade for window shutters and larger elements to punctuate the facade with a jewel tone. Rusty brown works well for the trim because it has the same orange undertones as salmon.
  2. Pearl Gray, White, and Slate Blue: As experienced painters, we love to draw inspiration from your home’s existing elements. We recommend this color combination from homes with a lot of stone and concrete hardscapes. This palette can establish a sense of symmetry and highlight your home’s best features. The bright white trim helps create a streamlined and pleasing silhouette. You can use slate blue to emphasize beautiful features like your front entry.
  3. Apricot, Smoky Gray, and White: A soft apricot color looks great with a classic farmhouse design because it makes the house look refreshingly cheerful. White will highlight the home’s classic details, while apricot will set the siding aglow. Smoky Gray is a good color to use for the front door and window sashes because it can add visual weight to those areas.
  4. Chocolate, Chartreuse, and Sand: Your exterior color palette needs to complement your home’s surroundings, without blending into them too much. For example, a chartreuse trim is bright and high energy, and will look great with a lush garden. Since green and brown are associated with each other, this trim will link the garden with the siding’s rustic brown color. Meanwhile, sand is a great color for the roof and other areas because its neutrality brings everything together.

These are just some of the possible color combinations for your home’s exterior. When you work with us, we will use our decades of painting knowledge and experience to choose the best colors for your home. We can paint or stain the trim, siding, doors, porches, decks, and garage of your home. We serve Naperville, IL, and surrounding areas including Wheaton, Downers Grove, and Joliet. Call us at (630) 315-9051 to learn more exterior color combinations or to request a free quote.