Choosing the Perfect Color Scheme for Your Traditional-Style Home

Enhancing the look of your traditional home doesn’t require a massive renovation that breaks the bank—you can rejuvenate your home’s appearance by simply painting your walls with a new color scheme. Here, Those Painting Guys, your trusted painting company in St. Charles, IL, shares some handy tips on picking an ideal color palette to complement your home.

Use Classic Color Pairings

Timeless color combos to complement your traditional home include blue and green, yellow and blue, and red and green. You can incorporate these tried-and-true pairings and help preserve your home’s historic interior. For instance, you can use yellow for your walls, which helps add brightness and warmth in the space. You can then throw in a splash of vibrant color with a blue couch, vase, or even window treatments. This creates a nice balance between bold and soft hues.

Keep It Neutral with Beige and Cream

When investing in interior painting in Naperville, IL, decide on the mood you want your room to evoke. If you want calm and soothing wall colors, choose beige, cream, or dove gray, which are more visually comfortable than reds, oranges, or yellows. Pairing your neutral-colored walls with wood and gold elements will complete the Zen-like appeal that you’re seeking.

Incorporate Colors From Nature

Another color scheme that works well with classic-style homes includes hues and tones derived from nature. Most traditional architecture looks to the surrounding greenery for their interior color palette. Lush greens, floral pinks, sunny yellows, and sky blues make up this blend. These colors give your space a friendly and inviting look.

Add a Bold Splash With Primary Colors

You can’t go wrong with standard red, blue, and yellow for your interior color scheme. Just make sure you’re getting them in jewel tones, like ruby, sapphire, or citrine. This will provide a nice contrast against the glossy, wooden furniture most traditional homes have. We suggest matching powder-blue walls with berry-red cushions, pillows, or vases. You can then use golden-yellow window trim to complete the look.

Whether you need professional interior or exterior painting in Naperville, IL, turn to Those Painting Guys. With our wide selection of paint colors and our expert applicators, we’ll transform your home’s appearance at a price you can afford. Call us today at (630) 315-9051 to get a free quote.