Common Interior Painting Mistakes

Investing in a new coat of paint can do wonders for your home’s interior. It’s a cost-effective way to instantly transform your interior and change the room’s mood. The problem is, since painting doesn’t require the same technical skills as a replacement or repair, most homeowners think that DIY is a great idea. This means, however, that you end up with less-than-optimal results. Those Painting Guys, one of the premier painting contractors, shares some common painting mistakes you can avoid by working with experts like us.

Skipping the Primer

Regardless of the kind of painting that you want, a primer is an essential part of the process. For one, applying it before the paint allows the paint to adhere better to the wall. This means better results and less work for you later on.

Painting The Second Coat Too Soon

The problem with DIY painting is that majority of homeowners want to get the job done immediately. This makes them apply the second coat of paint too soon. If you apply a coat before the first layer dries, however, you can end up with visible brush strokes and an uneven finish. By working with expert painters like us, we can ensure high-quality results.

Applying Latex Paint Over Oil-Based Paint

Applying a coat of latex paint over an oil-based coat seems like an easy and simple way to skip proper prep work. The disadvantage is that you won’t realize the problems until it’s too late. This includes peeling, cracking, and a poor finish. If you’ve already applied the oil-based layer, however, we can help you sand it down to prepare it for the latex paint to ensure a quality finish.

Over Applying the Paint

Since painting an entire room can take a long time to finish, especially since it needs more than one coat, other homeowners think it’s better to apply one thick coat. This causes drips and a patchy look to your wall. Those Painting Guys have helped homeowners with their painting jobs for over 35 years, and we can ensure the same quality of work every time. We won’t make any rookie mistakes like overapplication, and we will ensure a smooth and even finish.

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